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Show Cattle Information

Cattle Show Supply List

This show supplies can be found at Sullivan Show Supply website and can be purchased at Russell Feed in Decatur or other feed stores that provide show supplies. These prices are from a previous year so they may have changed slightly. If you cannot purchase all at one time we can look for alternative products that are a little cheaper to make it affordable. 

Rope Halter $6.25

Show Halter $50.75

Show Stick $19.50

Comb Avg. $25 

Rice Root Brush $24.50

Scrub Brush $6.95

Soap Foamer $29.95

Shampoo $8.99

Daily Hair Conditioner $8.95

Rubber Feed Pan $15.50

Feed Scoop $8.00

Water Bucket $10.00

Feeds and supply stores in the surrounding areas

NRS Ranch Feed Store
4650 S. U.S. HWY 287
Decatur, TX  76234

Bridgeport Feed

607 13th St. 

Bridgeport, TX 76426


Russell Feed and Supply 

1817 US-287

Decatur, TX 76234


Springtown Feed and Fert. 

128 South Main St. 

Springtown, TX 76082


Kerr Feed and Grain

903 E Omega St, Henrietta, TX 76365

(940) 538-4354

Wise Feed 

502 S. TX-101

Chico, TX 76431


Cattle Care and Feeding

Care and Time

Feeding and watering every morning and night

Working with calf every day or every other day will help with calf attitude and work ethic

Showmanship practice will be weekly with Mr. Shannon on days discussed that fit the group. 

Washing and drying 2 to 3 days a week will help stimulate the hair growth and keep the calf looking fresh and show ready. 

Hoof trimming should occur every 6 to 8 weeks and medication should only be administered by the Vet Dr. Williams at Bridgeport Animal Hospital or Mr. Shannon if approved by Dr. Williams. You are more than welcome to find another vet that best fit you and your calves needs but we have a good working relationship with Dr. Williams. 

Cleaning pens Daily! This will help keep your animal show ready as well. A dirty pen causes disease and parasites, as well as a bad looking animal. 

Worming should be done every 28 days. Ask Mr. Shannon what to use. 

Barn Fees

$30 deposit

$5 dollars a month for pen rent

Problems or Illness

Contact Mr. Shannon 

Show Cattle' on GroupMe. Click here to join:




I will be taking your cattle to the Ft Worth Stock show, San Antonio Stock Show and Wise County Stock show

Weekend Livestock and Jackpot shows are normally on your own. I will set up a time to take you to one practice show to understand the process before Fort worth. 

Show Dates and Times (All times are subject to Change)

Ft Worth Livestock Show

Cattle will move in to Fort Worth January 21, 2021

Cattle will check in January 22, 2021

Cattle will show at different times spread out between Saturday, January 23-Monday, January 25, 2021

Cattle will move out of barn and head back home on January 25, 2021 after the Simmental and ORB show

San Antonio Stock Show

American Cattle will move in to the Barn February 15, 2021

Cattle will head home on February 17, 2021 after all students show

British and European cattle will be moving into the barn on or around February 18, 2021. 

Cattle will show February 19, 2021 and head back after showing. 

Wise County 

Dates are not posted as of 9-3-2020


Daily Duties around cattle area

Make sure that pens are always closed every time you enter

Exercise at least 3 times a week

Cattle are feed daily Feed and Hay

Water needs to be cleaned daily to keep fresh

Always dump manure buckets daily, do not leave sitting around the area!!


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